March 02, 2012

Valmet Automotive reinforces engineering services

The current change in the automotive industry indicates a strong growth trend in the demand of engineering services. Therefore, Valmet Automotive has selected engineering as a strategic focus area.

The automotive customers today prefer one-stop shopping of engineering and manufacturing services. The trend has been visible for Valmet Automotive. Engineering is a part of every recent cooperation agreement the company has signed, whether the target of the agreement has been on sales support or manufacturing.

Valmet Automotive has been recruiting engineers continually, and recently the company acquired CAE Automotive GmbH, an engineering service provider in Osnabrück, Germany.

Founded in 2010, CAE Automotive provides engineering services for the automotive industry covering the whole R&D function. CAE Automotive employs 23 people with expertise in engineering of vehicle exteriors, roof systems, interiors, electronics and lighting together with related project management. Many of them are working at the premises of automotive customers.

Cooperation with a reliable partner with an extensive range of automotive services facilitates the project management and makes needed resources available to an OEM. This is especially crucial to startup companies that need a strong partner on various functions, including engineering and manufacturing engineering, a special area of expertise of Valmet Automotive.
Further information:
Teija Ċhlman, VP Communications, Valmet Automotive
Tel. +358 20 484 8060
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