March 02, 2012

Valmet Automotive: Strategic focus now on complete car projects

Valmet Automotive, a leading service provider for the automotive industry, responds to the growing demand of outsourced complete car projects with a refined strategy, enhanced cooperation of business lines and reinforced engineering resources.

While the traditional vehicle manufacturing outsourcing is decreasing, the demand for complete car projects integrating project management, engineering and manufacturing is growing strongly. The OEMs need to introduce more derivatives in a shorter period of time, and complete car project outsourcing is an obvious solution.

Valmet Automotive has expanded its range to offer a complete set of services to OEMs. The company now features four integrated business lines – engineering, manufacturing, roof systems, business services – all of which support each other and create a sum larger than its parts.

The present day Valmet Automotive can offer all the services any OEM may need at any stage of an automotive project. In complete car projects the company’s assets can be benefited to the full. For the customer, working with a single experienced and acknowledged partner simplifies the project management.

Engineering is a strategic focus area for Valmet Automotive, and it has been a part of every recent cooperation agreement the company has signed. In addition to continuous recruitment process, the most recent reinforcement to Engineering services took place when Valmet Automotive acquired CAE Automotive GmbH, an engineering service provider in Osnabrück, Germany. CAE Automotive provides engineering services for the automotive industry covering the whole R&D function.

 “The current change in the industry indicates a strong growth in demand of engineering services. The automotive customers prefer one-stop shopping of engineering and manufacturing services,” says Dr. Heinrich Petra, Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, Valmet Automotive.
Further information:
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