December 08, 2009

The first electric cars from Valmet Automotive

Series production of Garia golf car started

The era of electric vehicles has begun at Valmet Automotive, Finland, as the series production of Garia golf car has been launched. The whole project from engineering to production took only ten months. Last January Valmet Automotive and the Danish company Garia A/S signed a contract of the engineering and manufacturing of a new luxury golf car.

Valmet Automotive is responsible for the product and process engineering, manufacturing, procurement and supplier management as well as quality management and logistics. A dedicated welding and assembly process has been created for the needs of the Garia. The upper frame of the car is pre-treated and painted in the painting process of the car factory. The planned production volume is some thousands of cars annually. The golf car program employs 50–150 persons at Valmet Automotive.

The supplier network consists of 70 suppliers, of which 30 are Finnish suppliers who supply approximately 30 % of the value of the materials needed for the car. The other 30 suppliers come from other EU countries, and some parts are delivered from North America and Asia.

"The start of the series production of the golf car is a very important milestone for Valmet Automotive. It is our first electric vehicle, and as a total program, it represents our capability to implement our new strategic targets as improved customer servicing", Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, president of Valmet Automotive says. "The cooperation with Garia A/S is Nordic collaboration at its best and together we are smoothing the path for electric vehicles also in the everyday life."

According to Mr. Korhonen, the production launch in ten months only shows a successful cooperation between engineering, procurement and manufacturing teams, suppliers and the customer.

Mr. Jacob Brunsborg, president of Garia A/S, says: "At Garia, we are proud of the cooperation with Valmet Automotive. We set out to create the world’s best golf car, unsurpassed in terms of design and quality, and the professional cooperation with Valmet Automotive is one of the reasons for our success. Together, we have created a new standard for the golf car industry."

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