February 24, 2010

Valmet Automotive presents four green vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show

Valmet Automotive presents four different new energy vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show in the beginning of March. In addition to "Eva" concept vehicle developed by Valmet Automotive the company puts on show three electric vehicles which represent its successful cooperation with innovative automotive companies: the THINK City, the Garia LSV Concept Car (Low Speed Vehicle) and the Premium Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fisker Karma.

The production of the THINK City urban electric car started at Valmet Automotive in December 2009. The Garia Golf Car is also in production. The Fisker Karma will be launched into production later this year.

The engineering and manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles is a rapidly growing field at Valmet Automotive alongside the recognized production of premium and convertible cars such as Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman.

The first photo of the concept car "Eva"

The electric concept vehicle "Eva" will be unveiled at Valmet Automotive's press conference at the international Geneva Motor Show on the 2nd of March. Today the first photo of the car is published.

"Eva" represents Valmet Automotive's extended service offering to automotive industry. The target of the project was to develop new innovations for an electric vehicle and its recharging system. There are no decisions to start the production of the car.

"Eva" is a 2 + 2 seat urban electric vehicle for environmentally conscious individuals and families with a range of 160 km and with a top speed of 120 km/h. The aluminum spaceframe is optimized for an electric vehicle and the modularity makes it easily adaptable to different types of vehicles and body variants. A direct drive motor simplifies vehicle's mechanical structure and increases efficiency.

The partnering energy company Fortum has developed in cooperation with UTU ELEC a charging station, which starts and ends charging of an electric vehicle by SMS.

Thanks to the cooperation with Nokia, the car is equipped with a pioneering Human Machine Interface through mobile handset connectivity. The booth will also showcase a demo based on NAVTEQ's high-quality map data and content which enables green routing and driving functionality use cases.

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Hall 1 - Stand 1245 - March 2nd to 14th, 2010

Valmet Automotive's press conference will be held on Tuesday, March 2nd at 9.30-9.45 am