November 06, 2009

Minna Stenholm, multi-skilled winner of the annual quality award

The annual quality award of Valmet Automotive has been granted to Minna Stenholm, who is working as a team leader in the assembly shop. During her career of 21 years Minna has been working as assembler, stand-in assembler and team leader in the assembly shop. She has made all the car brands from Saab and Opel Calibra to Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman.

"Multi-skilled professionals like Minna are a valuable asset to our company", says Olli Kerajärvi, Vice President Quality.

"Minna adapts quickly to new situations. She familiarizes herself thoroughly with the changes and is interested in developing the working methods and improving the results. She is a flexible and energetic teamworker, who is always willing to learn new skills. She has earned the appreciation of her team members and other coworkers with her competence and friendly and calm nature.

"High quality is the result of the good collaboration of my ambitious and highly qualified team members", Minna says. "My supervisor has always supported me and encouraged me to take up new challenges."

As a team leader Minna strives to enable her team to achieve the quality goals and objectives. She thinks that rising to the challenge gets rewarded with the satisfying feeling of success.