April 24, 2009

Valmet Automotive again full of initiatives

Valmet Automotive's personnel showed the second time the best initiative in Finland. The result amounted up to 1683 suggestions per 100 employees. The company has now been ranked to top in Finland in years 2007 and 2008. The JTO School of Management (Johtamistaidon opisto) collected data on suggestions from 196 companies, which employ in total nearly 74 000 persons in Finland.

"The innovativeness of the personnel becomes more and more important in the rapid changes and increasing competition of the automotive industy", says Executive Vice President Mr Risto Hukkanen. "The continuous improvement of the processes improves customer satisfaction ja competitiveness. The multi-talented personnel also plays a significant role in developing the production process of new electric and hybrid vehicles."

Mr. Timo Kujanpää, Head of the Suggestion Committee, emphasizes that the suggestions increasingly concern environmental issues such as saving of energy or reducing of waste.

Valmet Automotive's initiative actives in 2008 are Ms. Anne Haapanen from the paint shop, Mr. Kari Arola from the logistics department and Mr. Jorma Nieminen from production engineering department.