April 11, 2012

Valmet Automotive again the best in Finland in employee suggestions

The personnel at Valmet Automotive's Uusikaupunki plant are once again rated as the most prolific makers of improvement suggestions in Finland. This is already the fifth victory.

According to the JTO School of Management (Johtamistaidon Opisto JTO) annual survey, Valmet Automotive was the leading company in the number of continuous improvement suggestions in Finland in 2011. The result was 905 suggestions per 100 employees: the second placed company amounted to 867.

Continuous improvement has always been highly important in Valmet Automotive, and since late 1980's it has been especially focused when the manufacturing adopted the team model. Target-oriented development of one's own work is today a part of everyone's job description, because continuous improvement is an asset and a yardstick in competitive international automotive industry.

The survey comprised of 156 industrial companies and 37,100 persons. All participating companies use employee suggestions as a means of company's improvement functions.

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