December 10, 2009

THINK City production starts at Valmet Automotive

The series production of two electric vehicles has started at Valmet Automotive within one week. The first THINK City cars roll out of the assembly line only a couple of days after the production launch of Garia golf car.

The Norwegian THINK and Valmet Automotive made a contract on the manufacturing of THINK City at the end of August. The manufacturing equipment was transferred from Norway to Uusikaupunki, Finland, and the production was started only in three months. The planned annual production is several thousands of cars, which will employ more than 100 people at Valmet Automotive in 2010.

The investments in commencing the production were about EUR 3 million. Valmet Automotive is also responsible for logistics operations of THINK City and the company participates in the product development of the car.

Mr. Ilpo Korhonen, president of Valmet Automotive says that the production start of THINK City is a very important step for both Valmet Automotive and THINK. The companies aim to increase their strategic cooperation also in engineering and process development.

Mr. Richard Canny, THINK CEO says he is very satisfied that THINK is back in production. The deliveries to the customers waiting their car can start already before Christmas. The order bank of THINK City stands at around 2,300 vehicles. The next priority is to continue to grow the order book in Europe and around the world.

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