March 01, 2013

Valmet Automotive presents innovative sound insulation roof system

Valmet Automotive presents a state-of-the-art soft-top sound insulation roof system at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. The unique roof features an optimized combination of weight and mass, resulting in equivalent interior sound insulation of a similar sedan.
The current market trend in convertibles favors soft-tops. Visually easily distinguishable, the technical and material development over the past few years has greatly improved their features. The cabin sound insulation and the roof system weight remain as the major development areas in soft-tops.
"The targets of maximal sound insulation and minimal weight are contradictory. To adapt both in one solution, we have created a production ready roof system that decreases the weight, but not the mass of the roof material. Every component is tested and considered for weight reductions. The insulation material layer is developed with the motto "more intelligence to lightweight", says Mr. Holger Schramm, head of Valmet Automotive's Engineering Services.
Valmet Automotive focuses on several areas in roof system development. Besides the sound insulation and roof system weight, the company also targets at providing more space to the driver, passengers and luggage and reducing the overall vehicle weight.
"The next generation roof systems will be lighter and more efficient. The new sound insulation roof is a great example of how Valmet Automotive will stay on top of development in convertible roof business", says Mr. Schramm.
Further information:
Teija Åhlman, VP Communications, Valmet Automotive
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